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Cork & Green Products

Cork & Green Products

What are green flooring products exactly? Green flooring products are flooring products that are energy and water-efficient, non toxic, and harmless to the environment. We know that preserving the quality of our planet for posterity is incredibly important to our clients, which is why A1 Flooring & Granite is proud to offer a large variety of environmentally friendly "green" flooring products which include cork, bamboo and reclaimed wood that fit to your lifestyle.

Cork and bamboo floors can be made without ever cutting down a single tree. Bamboo is a grass, which continues to grow after it has been harvested - just like the grass on your lawn, but much taller and stronger. This means that it can be harvested over and over again from the same plant, without contributing to deforestation.

Cork is also harvested from a living plant without destroying it. Cork is made by stripping the bark from the cork oak, which can be done once every few years from the age of 25. Since Cork Oak usually lives for upwards of two centuries, a lot of cork can be harvested from a single tree.

A1 Flooring & Granite also carries natural fiber carpets such as wool, corn and sisal, all highly renewable and sustainable resources. We even carry carpets made from recycled water bottles, which cuts down on the need for new resoures, as well as the pollution caused by the breakdown of plastic water bottles in landfills.

With any of our green products, you can feel good knowing that you've contributed to the fight against deforestation or pollution.

If you're thinking of going green with your flooring, come to A1 Flooring & Granite in Lewisville,TX and Dallas area eco–friendly flooring store.

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